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Consumer Info

Consumer Information

Securely pay with your phone at any AuthGate device using your preferred payment method. You will never have to share your personal or confidential banking information with anyone again.
Business Info

Business Information

Experience the easiest way to accept mobile payments using our secure transaction authentication devices. No more expensive card terminals and high monthly costs.
Technical Info

Technical Information

Add mobile payment acceptance, digital identity verification and advanced transaction functionality to your embedded systems.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment
AuthGate's patented transaction attestation technology is ideally suited to mobile payments. Unlike QR-codes that are limited to a specific local payment methods, AuthGate's TAD (Transaction Authentication Devices) can support virtually any payment method To ensure the highest level of security, all transactions are handled by certified transaction processors. Neither AuthGate, nor merchants have access to any customer information.

Digital Identification

Digital Identification
Digital identity verification is a recent development in the EU and other countries. This is another area where AuthGate's attestation technology can add the required security and ensure customer privacy.